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Custom laser engraving for special occasions

  • , by Christine Style Events

Christine Style Events offers a unique and special service for couples planning their wedding or other special events. Our workshop offers permanent personalized laser engraving of wine and champagne glasses to make your occasion even more memorable.

Christine Style Events uses state-of-the-art laser equipment to permanently engrave the design on the glasses without compromising their integrity. As a result of this process, each glass is truly unique and adds an extra layer of uniqueness to your special occasion.

The benefits of personalized engraving

In addition to making each glass truly unique, custom engraving has several other benefits that make it ideal for special occasions. For example, because the engravings are permanent and won't wash in the dishwasher or fade over time like some printed designs do, the glasses can be used for years to come as precious memories of your event for a long time after he passed.

When planning any event - whether it's an engagement party or a wedding - you want everything to be perfect down to the last detail. With custom laser engraving services for wedding wine and champagne glasses from Christine Style Events, you can ensure that each item is tailored to suit your specific needs and desires to create memories that will last forever!

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