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  • Pahare_miri_personalizate

    , by Christine Style Events Custom laser engraving for special occasions

    Christine Style Events offers a unique and special service for couples planning their wedding or other special events. Our workshop offers permanent personalized laser engraving...

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  • Adăugarea unei atingeri unice pentru ocazii speciale cu gravura personalizată permanentă de la Christine Style Events

    , by Christine Style Events Adding a unique touch to special occasions with custom permanent engraving from Christine Style Events

    Christine Style Events specializes in providing beautiful and permanent personalized wine and champagne glass engraving for couples looking to add a unique touch to any...

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  • Despre cristalul de Bohemia pentru paharele de șampanie

    , by Christine Style Events About Bohemian crystal for champagne glasses

    A toast to a new life together is often celebrated with bubbly champagne and the perfect set of crystal champagne glasses. But have you ever...

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  • Gravarea cu laser a paharelor din cristal de vin și de șampanie pentru nunți cu finisaj auriu

    , by Christine Style Events Laser engraving crystal wine and champagne glasses for weddings with gold finish

    If you are having a wedding, there are a few essentials that you need to consider to make your day special and more memorable. Add...

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  • Magia gravurii cu laser: Cum personalizăm noi paharele din cristal.

    , by Christine Style Events The magic of laser engraving: How we personalize crystal glasses.

    Laser engraving is a modern technology that adds a unique and luxurious touch to glasses. Using a laser to engrave complex patterns and designs on...

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  • Tehnologia din spatele mașinilor de gravură cu laser și modul în care îmbunătățește personalizarea paharelor de vin și șampanie

    , by Christine Style Events The technology behind laser engraving machines and how it improves the personalization of wine and champagne glasses

    Laser engraving machines use technology to create complex designs on glass. The laser beam is used to melt and vaporize the glass, leaving a permanent...

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  • Adăugați o notă personală la nunta dvs. cu pahare miri și nași de șampanie gravate

    , by Christine Style Events Add a personal touch to your wedding with engraved groomsmen glasses and champagne godfathers

    Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Make it even more special with groomsmen glasses and champagne glasses engraved...

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