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About Bohemian crystal for champagne glasses

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A toast to a new life together is often celebrated with bubbly champagne and the perfect set of crystal champagne glasses. But have you ever wondered how this exquisite crystal is made? Let's take a look at the process behind making Bohemian crystal for champagne glasses and see why this type of crystal is the ideal choice for newlyweds.

The realization process

Bohemian crystal glasses have been made the same way since the 1800s. This special technique begins with finely ground, lead-free quartz sand heated in a furnace to an incredibly high temperature, almost as hot as lava! The molten sand is then poured into molds, cooled and cut by hand. This process allows for intricate designs and fine details.

Why is Bohemian crystal special?

Bohemian crystal has a higher quartz content than other types, which gives it unique brilliance, weight and clarity. It is also stronger than ordinary glass, so it can be worked into delicate shapes without being easily broken. Champagne glasses made from Bohemian crystal will remain crystal clear even when filled with bubbly liquid, making them ideal for clinking on your special day!

Bohemian crystal champagne glasses are a luxurious accessory for any couple's special day. With their intricate details, beautiful sparkle and exquisite elegance, they are sure to be cherished as a memento of your celebration for years to come. Now that you know more about how this exquisite crystal is made, you can appreciate every sip even more! Luck!

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